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August 9, 2012
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"YO! (y/n) I haven't seen you in awhile," You're lovable American friend yelled out running over to you.

"Um, Alfie, we saw each other yesterday." You sighed out, tucking your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind your ear.

((short story of your history with Alfred))

You and him had met in Grade 1, when you were being bullied by a boy with long blonde wavy hair, named Francis. You remembered the day well, you had just switched schools in the middle of October, so everyone was already labeled. Before you came to this school, you had no clue about labels and stuff like that. In your Kindergarden everybody was friends and stuff, so you weren't used to bullies. Francis had such a creepy, yucky face it made you squirm. He knelt done creepily, and held out his hand preparing to grab something near your chest. It was your most beloved teddy bear, (bear/name). He snatched it and laughed his weird, "ohonhonhonhon," laugh and went to run away, creepily again. He reminded you of those... Perverts your mommy told you about. The ones who did mean things to little kids. As he was running away, a boy with a snug fitted superman shirt and tights ran in. Well... he also had one of those funny looking six pack things on his shirt, and it wasn't Halloween. He made you giggle a bit.
"Stop, you friend... no that's not it... it's got an F in it..." His voice started out loud but no it was a whisper, as he thought. He had caught Mr. Frenchy's attention though, he was sneering at the weird boy. Now that you were watching... He also had a weird piece of hair sticking out on his medium length, blonde hair. That was funny too.
"FIEND! YEAH, STOP, YOU FIEND! THE HERO IS HERE!" Then he sprinted forward reaching for the beloved bear... Frenchy was prepared and held Mr. Hero back with one hand, while holding the bear back with his other.
"Hey, dude, uncool, you cant be mean to such a pretty girl!" Mr. Hero muttered, little did he realize you had snuck up from behind Francis, and took the bear back.
"That was my plan all along!" Mr. Hero announced before walking over to you.
"Um, thanks for the help..." You whispered out shyly,
"No problem, you can call me Alfred the Hero by the way" He shouted loudly, laughing a bit,
"um, I'm (y/n)!" You shouted as loud as him, overcoming your shyness, due to his trusting blue eyes. SInce then you had given Alfred the bear in grade 6.

((Back to the future))

After talking to him for a bit, you noticed he wouldn't take his hand out from behind his back.

"Alfred the Hero," You laughed out, " I'm wondering why you won't remove that hand from behind your back?" You asked before trying to run behind him and failing. After Alfred laughed at you for awhile, he took his hand out from his back. Right there, was the bear you had given him all those years ago, in perfect condition, holding a letter.

"I thought you should have this back!" He said, blushing a bit, "it made a great sidekick..." Then he muttered something you couldn't make out, gave you the bear and he ran away. You were staring in awe at the bear, you thought he'd get rid of it. If it was a collectable you'd say it was in mint condition. Snapping back to reality, you removed the letter from it's paws, opening the square envelope a letter was revealed. It read out,

"Dear (y/n),

You're like the Mary Jane to my Spiderman,
The Lois Lane to my Superman,
The Pepper Potts to my Iron man,
so, let me be your one and only hero?

Love Alfred"

Oh mah gerd, he loves me I love him. You ran to his house and he answered the door... In his underwear.

"oh hi, (y/n)... Did you read my letter?"

"Here's my answer!" You replied, going on your tippy toes and kissing him on his lips, after removing yourself, you whispered in his ear,
"You've always been my hero, and you were always the only one." He then dragged you inside... To make you watch The Uninvited with him.
I was bored again, tell me if i need to correct stuffs and yeah, comment if you like it... And Fun fact, I overcooked my noodles making this :icongivingupplz:
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